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Caash is a web3 ecosystem for cybernauts. Users may swap, stake, store, spend, and earn crypto all in one place. Our mission is to bring DeFi to the mainstream by building additional functionality on top of the Binance Smart Chain to make the overall crypto experience seamless.


Who owns money? In our opinion, nobody. Yet, the current state of economics in the world says otherwise. Additionally, centralized exchanges like Coinbase are fair in theory, but permission-less experiences are far superior. We want Caash Solutions to be useful, easy, fast, and fun to use. We're determined to remove complexity and empower people that have never been exposed to crypto to not only feel comfortable, but confident while transacting.

Caash Solutions

Caash Me: Help people recognize it's you they're sending crypto. You don't need to make the mistake of sending to the wrong address to imagine the pain it may cause others who already have. These accidents don't just affect crypto newbies. This guy accidentally sent 800 bitcoin to a defunct Mt. Gox address. It'd be worth over $36M today. Google returns over 200M results for the statement "I sent crypto to the wrong address". We know Caash Me will resolve this issue and push crypto further into the mainstream. Join the Beta waitlist here, so you can lock down your original username when we make it live. Similar to PayPal's "paypal.me" feature, Caash Me, allows users to generate a short link, edit their profile, and receive value without worry of it being sent to someone else.
Caash Swap: Decentralized exchange built on the 1inch protocol automated by smart contracts. You can refer friends to trade on Caash Swap and earn 0.1% in $CASH from all trades as referral bonus.
Caash Pool: Stake $CASH to earn more automatically. More details coming soon.
Caash Local: Peer to peer marketplace for traders to buy and sell $CASH. Similar to Paxful or Local Bitcoins, but for $CASH. Caash Local will empower users around the world to cash in and out of their crypto without interference of gate keepers.
Caash Wallet: Minimalistic, self-custody cold storage wallet paired with a mobile inspired by the words "not your keys, not your coins". The first version will be live in November.


At the moment, the Caash Team is in full charge of development and the future of Caash. But, we plan on upgrading our contract to allow for community governance in the near future. Join the Telegram and follow us on Medium to stay updated on progress.


Our goal is to be a juggernaut in decentralized finance with hundreds of thousands of users and we're not stopping until that is reality. Caash Solutions are the utility. $CASH is the native asset.
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