Learn about COW, the sibling token to CASH.
Since launch, we’ve made great progress. Our smooth dex, profile system, staking and community have grown tremendously. We’re excited to introduce a sibling to CASH token, CaashCow (COW).
  • Reward token for staking CASH and its tokenomics directly benefit CASH by providing BNB to go towards CASH burns and project marketing. In addition, COW is another way for people to get involved and add personality to the Caash ecosystem. View on BscScan.
COW Contract:
  • 0xcDD1d715F01bF959Bf94Cd553F43250ddb303D1f

What’s happening?

The Caash ecosystem is gaining a new token to be used for long term staking rewards and it directly benefits CASH with funds from the sell tax that feed CASH burns and marketing.


There’s only 50M CASH. It’d be unattractive to offer CASH as a reward for staking CASH long term as we’d be forced to significantly reduce the APR in order to avoid running out. By adding a token to the ecosystem that not only directly benefits CASH with a sell tax, but also resolves the “running out of rewards” issue, we better position ourselves for success long term.


1B initial supply
10% initial tax on sells that will fall 50% after 1 year
3% of sell tax to COW/BNB liquidity pool
4% of sell tax sent as BNB to marketing wallet
  • 0xd8884617F744Ff0FdAc6b3f258Ef1C96B02E2425)
3% of sell tax sent as BNB to CASH burns
  • 0x8c10233a2D716EDa0DCb1406a36f1d0eB317958F)
40% of supply vested over 40 months to community wallet for long term reward reserves
  • 0xd81904A342d91c86426FFf47Bf8e9B3E01DA3E3E)
22.5% of supply to launch liquidity
30% of supply to launch presale
4.5% of supply to Caash development wallet
  • 0x19E29FEfC4e06417c04f69AB6e4a247EEc3b8AB4)
3% of supply to Caash marketing wallet
  • 0xd8884617F744Ff0FdAc6b3f258Ef1C96B02E2425)
1% inflation begins after 40 months
Anti-whale dump feature (0.5% supply max)
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