Frequently Asked

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Who started this?

We're a group of 3 founders with experience in application development, social media marketing, and blockchain. We're not doxxed, but aren't against it in the future if it's best for the community. We launched without doxxing because we value privacy and want the project to speak for itself. Our mission is to remove complexity in DeFi in order to ensure mass adoption. The first step to making that happen is with Caash Me, so users never send funds to the wrong address again.

How do I trade your tokens?

First, ensure you have some BNB in your wallet. Then, click here to trade on Caash Swap. You can buy and sell CASH or COW with BNB anytime you prefer. It's all handled through an automated market maker protocol using smart contracts to fulfill your trade.

What's this all about?

Caash is a DAO governed by its users. Our goal is to build user-friendly solutions that ensure mass adoption of decentralized finance. For example, Caash Me helps people recognize they're sending you crypto and Caash Swap facilitates trust-less asset conversions with nearly zero fees.

Where should I start?

It's suggested new users read our documentation and watch the tutorials prepared on our YouTube channel. Struggling or have more questions? You can find support inside the community Telegram chat. There is pretty much always someone ready to help.

Should I provide liquidity?

If you like to hold BNB, CASH, and COW, you'd enjoy earning fees from their trading volume. Visit the Liquidity tab and add both sides of the pair to the pool. Then, stake the LP tokens you receive to further maximize your yield (coming soon).

What are your future plans?

We're going to continue development of the platform as we scale our marketing efforts. Look out for exciting contests, updates, and new partnerships coming soon. Find more information about our plans on our official Medium and in our detailed roadmap. We're excited to continue growing.