Caash Swap

Trade CASH and 70+ other BSC tokens with ease.

What is it?

​Caash Swap is a decentralized exchange. Watch this video to see how it works! You can trade 100+ BSC tokens with low slippage including CASH, COW, BNB, BUSD, BTCB and more.
Permission-less trading on the go.

How to begin:

  • Add Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask
  • Import CASH token to MetaMask
    • 0xaa25a39d7aa8318e3EBC19d3678917B8Bd98A135
  • Ensure you have some BNB for "gas"
  • Connect MetaMask by authenticating
  • Select your desired token pair and swap amount
  • Tap "Swap" and wait for the notification
Last modified 10mo ago