Caash Me

Help people recognize they're sending you crypto.
Account Setup and Send Crypto tutorial:​
A profile system for wallet addresses. You must be logged in to view other profiles. You can create your profile here and set username/other details inside the settings after login.
No need for copy pasting wallet addresses ever again.
​Caash Me helps people recognize they’re sending you crypto and supports transfers on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon (Matic). Rest assured your crypto will land where it’s supposed to.
All you need is a web3 wallet like MetaMask and a Twitter username to pull in your profile picture/banner. Create your profile (your address is embedded) and easily receive crypto.
Want to test a transfer? Send any small amount to our ecosystem marketing wallet found at (note: you must be logged in to view profiles).
The amount of crypto funds lost due transfers to wrong addresses is truly frightening and that’s why we made it our mission to humanize crypto by adding a profile system to wallet addresses.
It’s true users need guaranteed confidence in their transactions for mass adoption to occur and that’s why we will continue ongoing development. So long are the days of copy pasting wallet addresses.. Sending funds to friends, family, and business associates has never been easier.
Have a feature request? Submit it here.​
Last modified 1yr ago