Lite Paper

A dual-token ecosystem with utility, governance, and rewards.


We're determined to:
  • Remove DeFi complexity
  • Empower investors worldwide
We built Caash Swap for self-custody trading and Caash Me, a profile system for wallet addresses to help people recognize they're sending you crypto. It supports transfers on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon (Matic) right now! More chains coming soon.

Caash Solutions

​Caash Swap: Permission-less, instant settlement, self-custody trading on our decentralized exchange which utilizes 1Inch and is automated by smart contracts. No ID required.
​Caash Me: Help people recognize it's you they're sending crypto.
You don't need to make the mistake of sending to the wrong address to imagine the pain it may cause others who already have. These accidents don't just affect crypto newbies. This guy accidentally sent 800 bitcoin to a defunct Mt. Gox address. It'd be worth over $36M today. Google returns over 200M results for the statement "I sent crypto to the wrong address".
We know Caash Me solves this issue and push crypto further into the mainstream. Similar to PayPal's "" feature, Caash Me, allows users to generate a short link, edit their profile, and receive value without worry of it being sent to someone else.
​Caash Staking: BTCB paid as a dividend for simply holding (funded by trading volume). Additionally, holders may stake for up to 500% APY paid in COW.


​Snapshot Space​
Learn about Caash Improvement Proposals (CIPs) and how you can get involved.
The process goes like this:
  • Anyone gets idea to improve the Caash ecosystem
  • Idea is discussed with others in community on Telegram
  • Once interest is established, submit your proposal
  • Voting period lasts 4 days, holders vote for, against, or abstain
You must have 100k CASH to submit a proposal.
Any CASH holder may vote. Proposals range from ways to spend marketing funds, changes to the protocol like increase or decrease APR, ideas for new developments, payment terms for new team members and more. Don’t have 100k CASH to submit proposal? Don’t worry. You can share your idea with others in the community and they are able to submit for you.
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