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Non-Fungible Cows

It’s a 2-step process to acquire and stake cows. More cows staked = more yield produced. You’ll see the Collection tab on our site go live next week and may mint on May 20th (Whitelist) and May 21st (Public). For trading post-mint, we’re partnering exclusively with PancakeSwap and will use 100% of the royalty proceeds to buy back CASH and COW token.

Lucky Box

There are only 33 golden cows inside the collection.
All golden cow minters receive a Lucky Box airdrop which contains 300k COW and 25k CASH.

More Info

  • Whitelist mint: 0.23 BNB, TBD
  • Public mint: 0.33 BNB, TBD
  • Days to ROI per cow: 24.4 WL, 35 public
See how mint funds will be utilized
Last modified 6mo ago