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Who started this?

We're a group of 3 founders with years of experience in application development, social media marketing, and blockchain. We're not doxxed, but aren't against it in the future if it is best for the community. We launched without doxxing because we value privacy and want the project to speak for itself. Our mission is to bring DeFi to the mainstream by building additional functionality on top of the Binance Smart Chain to make crypto experiences seamless. The first step to making that happen is with Caash Me, so users never send funds to the wrong address again.

How do I trade your tokens?

First, ensure you have some $BNB in your web3 wallet. Then, click here to trade on CaashSwap. You can buy $CASH or $COW with $BNB and sell $CASH or $COW for $BNB at anytime you prefer. The best part, it's all handled through trustless, automated smart contracts.

What is unique about this?

Caash is a tech startup, powered by $CASH. We're building so you can help people recognize it's you they're paying with Caash Me, store and send with the Caash Wallet, trade with Caash Swap, stake for $CASH rewards with Caash Pool, and trade $CASH or $BNB with people near you with Caash Local. Caash Solutions are the utility. $CASH is the currency.
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